Honeywell vs Generac Generators | Which is the Better Choice?

Generac Power Systems manufactures Honeywell generators. This is why Generac and Honeywell portable and standby generators have an eerie likeness. They’re practically the same thing. The generator must then be manufactured by Generac.

Two of the most well-known generator companies are Honeywell and Generac. People frequently ask which of the two brands is superior. Rather than telling you how we feel, we’ll compare the two and let you decide which is superior in this post.

Honeywell produces high-quality items. This generator is ideal when the electricity goes out at home or when the family goes camping. Users utilize it to run lights and other desired appliances. Let’s compare these two top trending generator manufacturing companies in detail based on a few facts;

Honeywell vs Generac Generators


Design is the basic aspect of comparing these two well-reputed generator manufacturer companies. Both companies or brands are offering versatile generators with modern features and designs. Suppose you are looking for a small or portable generator to power your low-voltage appliances. In that case, you can choose from both, including Honeywell and Generac.

Even if you are looking for a bigger generator with some mobility, both generators are best-suited for you. You can also get this facility from both generators in terms of standby backup.

The main thing is the fuel type you use to run the generators. Excitingly! Honeywell and Generac both generators support any type of fuel.


As we all know, Honeywell and Generac generators are available in several models and designs. The best thing is that both generators are portable. You can run these generators on gasoline or any other type of fuel you want according to your fuel requirements and consumption needs.

Honeywell and Generac generators are ideal for running on natural gas and propane. It would be great for every user to fill the generator with natural gas or propane. The reason is that other types of fuels give high volatility. On the other hand, diesel and gasoline are not environment-friendly! But the choice is still yours!

You can choose the fuel type for both generator brands according to your needs. Honeywell and Generac both generators preserve fuel more than other companies’ generators in terms of fuel consumption.

Suppose you have a generator from Honeywell or Generac brands, and it consumes a high amount of fuel. In that case, there must be some issues with your generator. That’s why it would be best to consult with professionals in that case.


The price of both generators, including Honeywell and Generac based on their power-generating capacities. If you are looking for a high-capacity generator from these brands, you will surely have more than usual. However, the estimated cost graph for these generators remains between $2000 to $10000. The best thing is that a high-capacity generator has all other same qualities.

 Both companies don’t compromise based on the generator’s prices in terms of quality. However, you have to pay the installation cost of each generator according to the size of the generator. The overall cost of Honeywell and Generac brands generators is certainly higher than other brands. But you can also get high quality and capacity in returns of high pricing.

Level Of Noise Is The Main Aspect To Consider While Buying A Generator

No doubt, generators of all companies and brands make noise. However, the level of noise for each generator is different from others. Suppose you want to choose a generator based on the noise level. In that case, Honeywell and Generac generally produce low noise than others.

For sure, you can also install your generator away from your residence. But you still have to consider the noisiness level to save yourself and your neighbors from noise pollution. The noise bracket for these both brands’ generators remain between 45db-72db. So, consider this noise bracket while choosing a generator, even from these two companies.

You’ll be surprised after knowing that the Generac brand basically manufactures Honeywell generators. That’s why both generators are similar in terms of design, noise level and fuel type.

Honeywell vs Generac Generators: Reviews

Honeywell 6066, 2000 Running Watts/2200 Starting Watts Generator

Honeywell 6066 is a recreational generator of Honeywell and Gasoline powered. It is rated as the best generator with a surge load rate of 2000Watts to 2200 Watts.

This generator has a 12Volt output battery. Unfortunately, this generator comes with lacks a fuel gauge. Moreover, users can start this generator only manually. Honeywell 6066 generators come with a two-year warranty for users. You can also get a battery charging cord, oil supply, manual instructions, screwdriver, spark plug wrench, and this generator.

Unfortunately, this generator is not capable of powering large appliances. So, you can use it only to power laptops, mobile phones and some other basic household appliances. On the other hand, this generator is best-suited for camping and traveling.

Design Specifications:

  • 2000 Wattage
  • Honeywell brand
  • 12V output
  • 4 stroke engine type
  • EcoMode feature
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Fuel Efficient

Key Attributes:

  • 4-Stroke Engine Type:

Honeywell 6066 generators have a 4-stroke engine type and low oil shut down feature. In low fuel, you can save this generator from damage because of the automatic low oil shut option. The other main feature of this generator is EcoMode which helps to reduce noise and unnecessary consumption of fuel.

  • A Sustainable Generator:

The CARB compliant of this generator makes it sustainable and safe for the environment. In the case of using this generator, you don’t need to worry about producing any harmful substances in your environment. Indeed, Honeywell 6066 generator provides a reliable job with its fuel-efficient and 2000Watts producing abilities.


  • Compatible
  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • EcoMode
  • Fuel efficient


  • Comes with limited output
  • Starts manually


The Generac 7676 GP8000E is a high-quality generator with long service life. It is comparable to top brands, even at its price point. Power Rush innovative technology in the Generac 7676 provides up to 30% higher beginning capacity. It has a 7.9-gallon steel tank with a gasoline indicator that allows it to run for up to 11 hours.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery and an electric start button for convenience. This portable generator is built to withstand harsh conditions. So, it has covered AC outlets and a steel tube cage for more protection. It comes with two 120V household outlets protected by 20A push-to-reset circuit breakers.

Generac 7676 GP8000E portable has an operating power of 8000 watts and a starting power of 10000 watts. This generator is powerful enough to supply power to your complete house during a power outage.

You can also use this high-end generator for outdoor activities such as traveling, camping and outdoor cooking appliances. Excitingly! It is super-easy and affordable to install this generator and connect it with your appliances.

Design Specifications:

  • 7.9-gallon fuel tank
  • 11 hours run time
  • Fuel type; Gasoline
  • Power Rush Advanced Technology
  • Incorporated fuel gauge for fuel tank
  • 3-year warranty

Key Attributes:

  • Low-Oil Shutdown:

Generac 7676 GP8000E comes with an automatic low-oil shutdown to save the generator from damage. The steel tube cradle to this generator offers high durability

  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank:

This generator comes with a 7.9-gallon fuel tank to offer runtime for 11 hours even at 50% load.

  • Compatible And Easy To Carry:

The Generac generator comes with a fold-down handle to offer sturdy portability and compact storage. The never-flat wheels of this generator make it easier to move in and out with great portability.


  • Fold-down handles for better storage
  • Quiet operation
  • Never-flat wheels
  • Durable
  • Large capacity fuel tank


  • Doesn’t have DC power outlet
  • You cannot charge engine battery while generator is running
  • Not compatible and reliable for small appliances 

Final Thoughts

Above all, both Generac and Honeywell generators are reliable, compatible and durable. However, you still have to choose one according to your consumption and power requirements. If you are looking for a compatible and low-capacity generator, Honeywell 6066 generator is the best consideration.

The reason is that this generator is more than enough to power your small appliances. You can easily carry this portable generator wherever you want, such as while camping or cooking outdoors.

On the other hand, Generac 7676 GP8000E generator is the best choice for you if you are looking for a high-capacity generator for your home or commercial space during a power outage. You can use this generator even to power your large and high-capacity appliances. This generator comes with 11 hours of runtime, even at 50% load.

Hopefully, this article will help you know about Honeywell and Generac brands generator’s main differences. For sure, both brands are reliable and compatible. But you can choose one according to your power capacity’s needs and the number of appliances.

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