DuroMax XP13000EH Review | Complete Guide 2024

DuroMax XP13000EH Review | Complete Guide 2024

Lets see DuroMax XP13000EH Review” The DuroMax XP13000EH Portable Generator has a Pushbutton Electric Start and a powerful 10500 Watt / 13000 Watts Max capacity. Its Dual Fuel feature allows it to run on either gasoline or LP propane, making it versatile and convenient.

The generator also includes a comprehensive power panel with all necessary circuit breakers and control switches, a voltage meter, a low oil sensor light, an idle control switch, and a charging indicator. It complies with EPA and CARB emissions standards for sale in all 50 states, showcasing its environmentally friendly design that follows strict guidelines to protect natural resources.

This package has an LP Propane hose featuring a regulator, maintenance, and assembly tools, an owner manual, and a wheel kit for added mobility. This review of the DuroMax XP13000EH focuses on its noise level, durability, fuel efficiency, load capacity, and overall performance as a home backup generator.

DuroMax XP13000EH Review: Complete Guide 

The DuroMax 13000-Watt Generator is capable of powering both 120-Volt and 240-Volt loads with ease, thanks to its multiple outlets and a convenient 12-Volt automotive receptacle for charging batteries or running small appliances. It can also be connected to a manual transfer switch inlet box for home backup power using the 30-amp or 50-amp receptacles.

Additionally, it can be used to provide electricity to RVs, allowing them to run air conditioners, refrigerators, and other necessary appliances. With its versatility and ample wattage capacity, the DuroMax generator is an ideal choice for home backup and on-the-go power supply for recreational vehicles.

This generator is equipped with a running power of 10,500 watts and can surge up to 13,000 watts. It can effectively provide electricity for important household items like lights, small and large appliances, and even your home’s central air conditioning system. Its power panel has various outlets, including two 120V GFCI-protected household outlets.

Additionally, it has individual breakers to ensure safety by preventing overloading. Both EPA and CARB have approved this unit. This product’s dual fuel feature may appeal to certain consumers due to its versatility. It offers comparable power output to a standard home standby unit but with the added advantage of being portable. This device allows users to easily power essential household items such as lights, small and large appliances, and even their central air conditioning system.

 The DuroMax XP series generators are specifically engineered to handle demanding tasks. These machines are highly reliable, with minimal reported issues such as voltage spikes, maintenance difficulties, motor windings malfunctions, and low fuel efficiency.

Key Specifications

  • 13,000 peak watts
  • 10,500 running watts
  • 17 hours runtime at 25% load
  • 8 hours runtime at 50% load
  • 4-stroke engine
  •  500 cc engine size
  • 3600RPM engine speed
  • Electric start
  • Gasoline and Propane fuel types
  • 10W-30 oil
  • 40.5 OZ oil capacity
  • 60 HZ frequency
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • 12V SLA battery type
  • Item dimensions: 29*30*26 inches
  • Item weight: 248lbs
  • Noise volume 74db
  • 3-year warranty

Key Features

1) Power Output

At the core of this generator lies a robust 20HP 500cc OHV Engine. When fuelled by gasoline, it generates an impressive 13000 starting watts and 10500 running watts. Switching to propane results in slightly lower numbers at 12350 watts and 9975 watts, but still provides ample power for any needs. If you haven’t already, please take a look at our tips on how altitude can affect engine performance and power output.

This is not an inverter-type generator with a load of only 10-12% Total Harmonic Distortion. DuroMax highly recommends using caution when operating sensitive electronics with this model without using a power line conditioner or UPS to prevent potential damage from spikes in traditional technology used by this model’s power output.

2) Design and Weight

With a weight of 234 pounds, attempting to lift it is out of the question. However, the design features convenient wheels and foldable handles for easy maneuvering. Like the DuroMax XP12000EH model, this generator boasts a sturdy all-metal construction with a durable frame.

It also has various outlets, such as a 50amp RV plug, 30amp outlet, multiple 120V outlets, and even a 12V plug for battery charging. The control panel includes essential components like breakers, a battery switch, push button starts, and an idle control button. This makes it ideal for use in recreational vehicles.

3) Control Panels

The inclusive control panel boasts various power outlets, such as two 120v household GFCI outlets, one 120v 30A twist lock outlet, one 120/240v 30A outlet, and one 120/240v 50A outlet. Each outlet is equipped with its circuit breaker to safeguard against overloading.

Additionally, the control panel features a voltmeter and posts for charging external batteries using a DC. To start the generator effortlessly, you can utilize the push-button electric start that runs on a reliable 12-hour battery. Alternatively, there is also a manual recoil cord available. Furthermore, using a control panel switch, you can charge the battery while the generator is in use.

According to the company, DuroMax generators do not offer optional remote start features, unlike some Westinghouse models. This is because, to start the engine, the choke must be adjusted manually, which makes remote starts impractical.

Additionally, these generators are equipped with a sensor that constantly monitors the engine’s oil level and automatically shuts it down if an insufficient level is detected for safe operation. In such cases, restarting is only possible after topping up the oil level.

It should also be noted that DuroMax engines utilize a splash-type oil system instead of a pressurized system, eliminating the need for an oil filter.

4) High-End Engine

The DuroMax 500cc OHV engine is a reliable and robust machinery that delivers ample power to tackle various tasks. It can effortlessly handle high-voltage appliances and heavy-duty power tools, making it a versatile workhorse for any job.

Additionally, the generator features a convenient front fuel switch, allowing you to control the fuel used – gasoline or propane. Furthermore, you can easily use this switch to run out any fuel in the carburetor before storing the generator away.

This feature not only adds convenience but also helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment by preventing potential clogging or damage from unused fuel.

5) Dual-Fuel Technology

The DuroMax XP13000EH boasts a superior engine capacity, surpassing others with its 500cc engine. This enables it to produce high output while running on propane and gasoline. It is designed for areas prone to adverse weather conditions and limited power supply, providing convenience for daily tasks without any hindrance through its dual fuel feature.

Choosing between fuels offers flexibility as the generator can run for over 8 hours on an 8.3-gallon gas tank and approximately 6 hours on propane. Although propane has a shorter runtime than gasoline, it provides cleaner energy for maintaining the powerful engine.

Overall, the DuroMax XP13000EH stands out as a reliable choice in terms of efficiency and functionality in challenging environments.

6) Electric Start

The DuroMax requires little effort to operate. It features an electric starter button which allows for easy and quick startup with just one touch. In case the push button fails, a manual coil system is available for starting the generator manually.

For a clean and pollution-free environment, propane can be used as fuel. Upon initial engine start, it provides a power output of 10,000 watts which can then increase up to 13,000 watts as long as the engine continues running.

This makes it a reliable option for powering various appliances and devices in your home or during outdoor activities without causing harm to the environment.

7) Safety Features

Traditionally, generators have prioritized appearance over safety features, causing damage to their internal components. However, the DuroMax XP13000EH has been specifically designed to regulate the engine’s heat levels. It includes a ventilation system that helps keep the engine cool.

Additionally, it is equipped with a low oil level detector that automatically shuts off the generator and disconnects its power supply in case of low oil levels. This prevents any potential damage to both the generator and its engine. Furthermore, this model features a sturdy double steel body that protects it from impact or dents caused by falling or contact with other objects.

Unlike other generators that neglect safety measures for aesthetics, the DuroMax XP13000EH ensures optimal performance while keeping your unit and its parts safe from harm.

8) Noise Level

Have you considered your appliances’ potential noise level and safety when using DuroMax? It is a heavy, open-engine machine, so it is expected to produce loud noise while in operation. However, unlike other generators, DuroMax has been designed with a built-in noise reduction system that significantly reduces the engine’s sound output to 74 decibels.

This feature can be enjoyed throughout the warranty period. It’s worth noting that this lower noise level does not adversely affect your appliances’ functionality. However, excessive exposure to loud noises can harm one’s hearing health. So, if you own a DuroMax generator, rest assured that there will be no disturbance from excessive noise, and prioritize taking care of your ears’ well-being.

  • Dual-fuel generator
  • Manual recoil start
  • Power outlets
  • A quiet-operating generator
  • High performance
  • High-end fuel efficiency
  • The best backup generator for homes
  • A bit heavier than other XP generators
  • Requires oil change after every 20-hours

Is DuroMax XP13000EH Worth Buying?

For those needing a reliable and versatile portable generator for home backup and camping purposes, the DuroMax XP13000EH dual-fuel model would be ideal. With its exceptional fuel efficiency and relatively quiet operation, this generator stands out among its competitors.

Its powerful 500cc engine can produce an impressive 3600 RPM, ensuring a steady electricity supply when needed. Say goodbye to worries about power outages or limited energy sources during your outdoor adventures by investing in the durable and efficient DuroMax XP13000EH dual-fuel generator.

Prioritizing maintenance to ensure longevity, regardless of the cost of purchasing a generator, is crucial. Neglecting proper care and upkeep can render even the most expensive generators useless and subject them to damage.

Despite DuroMax offering a 3-year warranty, it only guarantees optimal functioning with regular maintenance. Failure to change oil or protect against harsh weather conditions can greatly impact its performance.

However, if you consistently provide proper care, the generator can last over 3,000 hours before needing repairs or touch-ups. It is important to understand that taking responsibility for upkeep ensures prolonged usage and avoids costly damages.


After going through this review of the DuroMax XP13000EH generator, you will gain a better understanding of its exceptional features. Thanks to its robust engine, this powerful machine can handle heavy appliances without getting overloaded. In case of overloading, it has built-in safety measures that act as a breaker and automatically shut off the engine. It will protect your appliances from damage caused by short circuits.

So, the DuroMax XP13000EH generator is for you if you are looking for a reliable, quiet, operating, and durable generator for emergency backups.

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