Honda Eu2200i vs Generac Gp2200i | Which Generators You Choose?

Lets see Honda Eu2200i vs Generac Gp2200i Which Generators You Choose? Portable generators are one of the many great inventions that have come as a result of technological advancements. As a result, portable generators have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and ability to enhance our daily lives.

It’s incredible how the technological world has evolved. Because generators are compact and portable, they are now very efficient and simple to have generators that can provide efficiency as well as power at any location. Generac and Honda come to mind when considering a generator that not only provides efficiency and great performance but is also reliable and trustworthy.

In order to make the decision about which one to purchase, you should look more into what each of these generators has to offer. In order to facilitate your purchase, here’s a comprehensive guide: 

Honda Eu2200i vs Generac Gp2200i: Comparison


The Generac generator is compact and portable if you’re looking for lightweight and portable designs. It weighs approximately 46 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight generators available on the market, which is a great selling point if you want to carry it places on a camping trip in an RV or just power it anywhere in the world. 

In addition, it also has a handle which makes it easier to carry around. Finally, it does not weigh any more than the Honda model; while the Honda generator has a fuel tank that’s smaller than one gallon compared to the Generac one, this does not impact Generac’s portability. 

The Generaccomes with a fuel gorge for you to determine whether you have to fill more gas in or not and how much is left. On the other hand, the Honda one does not have a few gorges, which means you will have to look under the fuel cap or simply wait and see if it will be running out of gas or not.


The Generac model has a USB charging port on its generator, making it easier to charge any small electronic device, even your phone, without using any 2120 Volt outlets. However, whether it is important, neither generators have an hour meter, and the rest of the outlet panels are essentially identical. 

Neither other generators have an electric starter. On both, you will use a post order to turn it on. Each of them has standard features such as low oil, power, and overload lead indicators. They are also parallel ready if one generator is enough. You can easily connect another generator To each other so that you have more power and more options.

Ask for knowing how quiet these generators might be. The Honda one is rated between 53 and 62 DD. On the other hand, the Generac does not provide numbers for their noise level, which usually means that it is going to be louder than the other one. Being loud is definitely not an issue with the Generac generator; however, it is not as silent as the Honda generator.


You want to be sure that you are careful about the running words and the starting words of your generator. In this case, both of the generators have the same 2200 starting words to power your appliances. In terms of running boards, the Generac one has running words of 1700, but the Honda one has a higher wattage of 1800 which means that the Honda one can support more devices at a time which is quite useful for people who want to power different devices at one moment.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that there is a difference in their total runtime. The Generac one is able to last longer than the Honda one period; to be exact, the GP2200i can last up to 10.75 hours at the capacity of 25%. While on the other hand, the Honda one can only go up to 8.1 hours while being on the same load. This is especially important information for people who want to have generators that run for a longer period of time; for example, pee, people who go on overnight camping trips would like to have generators that work overnight and remain stress-free.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the Generac has a larger fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons, and compared to Honda’s, it has only a 0.95 tank. At any rate, they both provide clean power and this promises that you can safely charge even sensitive electronic devices.

In terms of weight, there is a lot of difference. However, both are almost the same in weight, coming at 46.6 pounds for 4 Generac and for 6.5 pounds for the Honda generator. These two generators are known for being incredibly easy to carry around.


Again there is not much difference between the 2 as they both operate on 120voltage, which is pretty great for a generator. This is the ideal number of voltages for a generator that you might use.

Honda Eu2200i

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Honda is one of the most well-known companies, and it has been long-running in the market because of its exceptional products and excellent service. It is one of the most innovative and amazing brands on the market correct, well known for their fantastic quality, durability, and reliability. 


Honda Eu2200i generator is highly eco-friendly as it produces sound as low as 4857 DBS, which is even less than a normal conversation. This level of noise is a very attractive factor for a lot of potential buyers as it means that they can carry this generator anywhere they like and not worry about disturbing the environment.

Another great feature of this generator is that it automatically shuts down when the fuel gets low as to not overwork the engine. This promises great durability as the engine will not be overworked.

 It is also equipped with lead indicators that inform you if the generator is low on oil, overloaded, or even just working properly. If your generator is overloaded, do not worry. The wattage can be adjusted to divide the load according to what might be needed.

  • The automatic fuel shut off option is great as it promises the longevity of the engine.
  • The Parallel connectivity ports can be very useful to connect another generator so the load can be distributed evenly.
  • The warranty is for three years of residential and commercial use.
  • The generator is not available to add an economical price. This might be a factor in whether or not you want to buy an expensive generator or settle for something close to it at a much lower price.
  • This generator does not have a USB port to charge smaller devices.

Generac Gp2200i

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This company is known for creating generators that work amazingly and have excellent features that make it easier to work next. While Honda has a bigger name in the market, Generac is known for creating great products at a lower price, which is an important factor for people who want great products at a lower price.


One of the great features that generate generator has is the amazing economy mode. It is an excellent way of cutting costs. If you are wondering what eco mode is, when a generator works by minimizing the engine functions and reducing the working speed, it saves fuel. While the speed is reduced, the generator still continues to function as it was before. The sound levels also decrease in the eco mode.

This generator also has indicators that effectively communicate whether the machine might be overloaded, ready to use or low on oil.

This generator also has the option to automatically shut down when it is low on fuel. This is great so that the engine does not suffer from any damage from excessive running.

  • It is very easy to carry around and transport to any place that you might need it. This is especially great for campaign trips.
  • The economy mode is great for long term usage and promises reliability.
  • Automatic shutdown increases the longevity of the engine and promises durability.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty, which is great in case there are any faults.
  • There is only one startup more, and it is not an electric starter; this might be a bit intimidating for some people.
  • The economy mode does not work at higher loads, so you can only use it when the generator is low on fuel.

So Which One Should You Get?

Both of these generators are known for working amazing levels. A lot of customers have rated them with excellent reviews and continue to use these generators in their everyday lives. So it comes down to what features are more important for you and which one works the best for you. You might also want to consider their prices and their fuel capacity.

All in all, both of these generators are amazing and make for a great purchase at any point.

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