Westinghouse WGen7500 Reviews | Complete Guide

The following is a comprehensive review of the Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator based on research and experience. We all understand that finding the perfect portable generator can be overwhelming, so I have done the legwork for you. In this detailed analysis, we have thoroughly evaluated all aspects of the Westinghouse WGen7500 to assist you in determining if it meets your backup power requirements.

As a well-established brand with several years of experience, Westinghouse has built an excellent reputation for producing reliable generators. One notable feature of this portable generator is its sturdy and robust construction. It boasts electric and remote start capabilities, making it convenient.

However, one aspect that could still be improved is its noise level. Overall, after examining the Westinghouse WGen7500 in-depth, this review will aid you in making an informed decision about whether or not it is the right choice for your needs.

Westinghouse WGen7500: An Overview

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The Westinghouse WGen7500 stands out as a robust and user-friendly 7500-watt generator. Powered by an efficient 420cc 4-stroke OHV Westinghouse engine, this generator offers a reliable and enduring backup power solution.

With its ability to power various home appliances ranging from light bulbs to air conditioners, the WGen7500 is an ideal emergency backup for households. Its affordable price, high power output, and durability make it one of the top choices in the market.

Not just limited to homes, this versatile generator can also cater to other needs such as camping trips or powering workspaces. It is even suitable for larger RVs due to its impressive capabilities. In conclusion, whether you need it for residential use or outdoor adventures, the Westinghouse WGen7500 provides a dependable and potent energy supply at an unmatched value. Experience peace of mind with this exceptional generator at your disposal.

Key Specifications

  • 9500 Gasoline peak watts
  • 220/240 AC voltage
  • Running watts: 7500
  • 60HZ AC frequency
  • Digital readout: diesel type
  • Electric, remote, and recoil starting types
  • 4200CC engine placement
  • Automatic choke type
  • Product dimensions: 27.2*26.1*26 inches
  • Product weight: 93.4kg

Key Features

1) Design

The design of this generator boasts an exclusive overhead valve system, durable cast iron cylinder sleeves, and robust forged pistons and connecting rods. The all-steel structure provides enhanced protection for the enclosed electrical connections.

With its reliable Automatic voltage regulation technology, you can count on precise and consistent power output. Moreover, this generator has a cast iron fan guard for added safety measures. To ensure optimum functionality, two 120-volt push-button circuit breakers are included for overcurrent protection, and a mainline 240-volt circuit breaker can be easily toggled.

Maintenance is made effortless because the brush excitation system requires no additional upkeep. This top-of-the-line construction offers unbeatable reliability and convenience in one powerful package. Don’t settle for less regarding your power needs – choose this unique generator today!

2) Power Output

Each generator has its own set of rated and peak watts, serving different purposes. The initial surge of high peak watts allows for starting devices that require extra power to kick-start. A lower-rated wattage follows this during normal operation.

If you rely solely on the recommendations provided by technicians when determining your energy requirements, you may end up purchasing a generator with more output than necessary, resulting in a heavier financial burden. On the other hand, selecting a generator with insufficient power can cause overloading and potential damage to the engine.

Therefore, it is crucial to assess your power carefully through thorough investigation before making a purchase decision. Doing so will save you from overspending and make your search for the perfect generator much easier and hassle-free.

3) Fuel Tank Capacity

A bigger fuel tank proves to be highly advantageous when dealing with extended power blackouts. The inconvenience of interrupting your tasks just to refuel the generator is something that only some would enjoy. The Westinghouse WGen7500 is a top choice, as it generates 9500 peak watts and 7500 rated watts, providing ample energy for your needs.

Its fuel tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons and even comes equipped with a handy gauge to monitor its level. With this impressive feature, you can rest assured that your generator will run smoothly for up to 11 hours on only one full gas tank at half load. This means no more interruptions in the middle of the night or having to check on the fuel levels constantly – simply set it and forget it!

4) Fuel Type

The fuel type plays a crucial role when facing challenges with gasoline availability. In such situations, having an alternative fuel option becomes essential for uninterrupted power supply. This is where the Westinghouse WGen7500 generator shines, utilizing advanced overhead-valve technology for optimal efficiency. It boasts an impressive running time of 20 hours at a 25% load.

Moreover, the Westinghouse brand offers a versatile solution with their dual-fuel portable generator option – the WGen7500DF Generator. This remarkable machine can operate on gasoline and propane, giving users flexibility in choosing their preferred fuel source. Despite sharing similar specifications as its counterpart, the WGen7500DF stands out by generating lower power and offering better fuel efficiency when running on propane. With a peak wattage of 8550 and rated wattage of 6750, this generator can run up to 8 hours on just one propane tank.

In conclusion, whether you prefer gasoline or propane as your primary fuel source, Westinghouse has covered you with their top-of-the-line generators, prioritizing convenience and performance above all else.

5) Noise Ratio

One of the biggest complaints among users has always been about noisy generators. The constant loud humming not only disrupts one’s peace but also that of those around them. Opting for a generator that operates quietly is essential, minimizing any disturbance caused.

Amongst the many options available, the Westinghouse WGen7500 stands out with its impressive operating volume of only 72 decibels. To put it into perspective, this noise level is comparable to a common household appliance like a vacuum cleaner.

This makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial settings, where noise pollution can be a significant concern. With the Westinghouse WGen7500, you no longer have to sacrifice tranquility for power generation. Choose wisely and select this top-performing generator as your solution today!

6) Easy to Operate

In just half an hour, you can have this state-of-the-art generator up and running to power your household. Its advanced design includes a transfer switch-ready receptacle with convenient rubber outlet covers for added safety. Gone are the days of dealing with tangled extension cords and bulky power strips.

With its built-in outlet, you can seamlessly connect the generator to your home’s electrical system without hassle. This generator caters to all preferences, featuring both push-button electric start and emergency recoil start options.

This cutting-edge model comes equipped with a wireless remote start for easy operation from a distance. You no longer have to be physically near the unit to turn it on or off – saving you time and effort. Designed with convenience, this robust generator boasts a 1-L14-30 120/240 outlet that allows for seamless connection through a transfer switch. Say farewell to complex installation processes and welcome unparalleled ease of use into your life.

7) Durable

A generator’s strength and longevity heavily depend on the engine’s quality and sturdy construction. This enables the generator to function flawlessly for an extended period. Crafted with a robust cast iron sleeve OHV Westinghouse engine, this generator is built to last. Its solid steel frame is reinforced with roll bars and has never-flat wheels for added durability.

In addition, this reliable generator boasts a low oil level shutdown feature, which automatically shuts down the engine when the oil level becomes too low. This effectively safeguards the engine from potential damage caused by insufficient fuel levels.

Furthermore, it is fortified with overload protection and automatic voltage regulation capabilities that enhance its overall performance while prolonging its lifespan. For further peace of mind, Westinghouse outdoor equipment offers a generous 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support, truly showcasing their commitment to providing top-quality products that can withstand the test of time.

8) Additional Features

Prioritizing safety is of utmost importance when assessing any electric power equipment. To ensure the well-being of users, every generator manufacturer employs various measures. It’s worth noting that all generators emit hazardous gases during operation, including carbon monoxide, which can be particularly harmful and even fatal. This particular generator includes a low oil level shutdown function which automatically shuts down the engine when the oil level reaches a critical point.

This safeguard prevents potential damage to the engine caused by insufficient fuel supply. Moreover, its overload protection feature shields the generator from harm due to excessive load. What’s more, this generator utilizes automatic voltage regulation technology, enhancing its overall performance and prolonging its lifespan.

For added peace of mind, Westinghouse offers a generous 3-year warranty on their outdoor equipment coupled with lifetime technical support. This commitment demonstrates their dedication to providing reliable and top-quality products for customers’ satisfaction.

Is Westinghouse 7500 Watts Worth Buying?

This robust 7500-watt generator boasts a remarkable three-year warranty, giving customers an elevated sense of reassurance and confidence in its durability. However, the only notable drawback of the Westinghouse Model WH7500E is its bulky weight which may present challenges for mobility. Weighing a hefty 201 pounds, some users have reported difficulties direction it due to stiff wheels struggling under its substantial mass.

Despite this minor inconvenience, the Westinghouse Portable Generator remains highly praised by many satisfied reviewers. Its impressive performance and reliability far outweigh any shortcomings, making it a top choice for those seeking a reliable power supply on the go.

With unparalleled peace of mind from its extensive warranty and unwavering positive attributes, the WH7500 is an exceptional investment in portable power generation technology.

Conclusion: Should I Buy Westinghouse 7500 Watts Generator

If the 7,500 watts of power is necessary for your needs, then the Westinghouse Generator WH7500 presents a highly viable option. This generator offers consistent and reliable power output to meet your requirements without any hindrance.

Its user-friendly nature makes it effortless to operate, and its durability ensures a long-lasting service life. However, before making your purchase decision, consider whether you require such a high capacity. Doing so allows you to explore other alternatives Westinghouse offers with lower wattage options that better suit your modest power needs.

By opting for a lower capacity generator, you will save on expenses and gain portability benefits as it becomes easier to transport with you wherever needed. In conclusion, carefully assess your power requirements before selecting the most suitable Westinghouse generator model that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Consider purchasing this generator if you require it for a job site. Even if your power needs are modest, it is a worthwhile investment as it can also be a backup for your home’s electricity. For those seeking reliability and convenience all in one package, the Westinghouse Portable Generator is the perfect choice.

Its robust performance and ability to simultaneously power multiple areas, it goes above and beyond meeting your basic requirements. Furthermore, customers can rest assured knowing that their satisfaction is guaranteed through the accompanying warranty. 

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