Power Line Conditioner for Generator- Pros and Cons

Do you have a non-inverting generator at home? Then, your appliances are at great risk of damage because of their high THD. More than 5% THD of generators is hazardous for your LEDs, computers, fridges, and other devices.

This problem is solved by adding an extra layer of protection. A power line conditioner is used to reduce the total harmonic distortion to less than 5%. In this way, you can connect any sensitive machinery for appropriate work.

In this article, we explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of a power line conditioner for generator. Let’s get straight into it:

What are Power Line Conditioners?

A power line conditioner is a device used to improve the quality of electric power. They are used with non-inverter generators to regulate the power supply for sensitive appliances. They work by stabilizing voltage, reducing noises, and controlling surges or fluctuations.

Moreover, they reduce the THD and avoid any damage. They provide security for both generators and loads. Sometimes, like in portable or open-frame generators, they can cause energy fluctuations, resulting in damage.

Must have Features in your Power Line Conditioner

Consider these must-have features if you are planning to buy a power line conditioner for a generator:

●    Joule Rating

It indicates the maximum power surge absorption of the generator. This can be changed according to the sensitivity and needs of the load. For expensive equipment like refrigerators, LEDs, ovens, or commercial machinery, the least joule rating should be 1000J.

●    Programmed Voltage Regulator

The best thing about the power line conditioner for a generator is its automatic voltage controller. They stabilize the power according to the connected load. They can boost lower voltages and also work the other way round by reducing high voltage.

●    Front Outlet

They are extra ports for connecting USBs or other devices. They are also used to charge phones and microphones in emergencies.

●    Noise Filter

Aside from power fluctuation control, conditioners can filter the extra noises from your equipment. For this purpose line noise filters are installed that reduce sounds caused by fluctuating frequencies. They remove excessive loud sounds from the AC loads.

●    Display for Input Voltage

The input voltage of open-frame generators changes with time. A display unit is installed in power lines to show how power is varying and used.

Benefits of Using a Power Line Conditioner for Generator- Pros

Line conditioners are crucial for residential as well as commercial applications. They handle regulation, noise reduction, and much more. The following are some benefits of using power line conditioners for generators:

●    Voltage Regulation

We know that fluctuating voltage results in malfunctioning and load damage. So line conditioners are used as they are designed for maintaining consistent voltage levels. They safeguard both load and generator by providing steady voltage and reliable power output.

●    Noise Control

Electric noises are known as electromagnetic interference or radio-frequency interference. They are the result of irregular frequencies and cause a lot of disturbance. Generators often produce such noises. To prevent this line noise filter of conditioners is used. They filter out irregular power signals and disruptions, creating a peaceful environment.

●    Surge Protection

Power surges result in internal damage to machinery. You can reduce this risk by using a power line conditioner for a generator. They absorb the power surges and fluctuations away from originators. Also, it regulates the power supply protecting both load and supplier at the same time.

●    Better Efficiency

A stable power supply enhances the efficiency of the generator. By regulating voltage and controlling noises, it enables the generator to operate efficiently. This can also help in less fuel consumption, reliability, and longevity of the generator.

●    Compatibility with Different Generators

Power line conditioners are made versatile. They can be used with various types of generators like standby, portable, and industrial generators. This provides a solution for a wide range of applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Drawbacks of Using Power Line Conditioners- Cons

Conditioners are great to use for non-inverting generators. They regulate power, maintain voltage and also increase efficiency. But here are some downsides of using these devices:

  • There is no need for a power line if you don’t connect sensitive loads.
  • Conditioner will not help if your generator is causing more than enough power fluctuations.
  • Don’t use it if you already have an inverter or rectifier.

Top 5 Power Line Conditioners

Following are some top recommendations for power line conditioners for a generator:

1-  Trip Lite 1800W Line Conditioner

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Tripp Lite 1800W is a reliable power line conditioner for a generator. It eliminates power fluctuations and controls a surge of up to 1400J. Moreover, the six integrated outlets allow you to conveniently connect devices during power outages.

However, you may find it a bit pricy but the lifetime warranty, easy setup, and smart features compensate for the pricing. 1800W power output and innovative EMI protection filters are enough to run heavy and sensitive appliances.

  • Six integrated outlets
  • Lifetime insurance
  • 1440J surge protection
  • A bit pricy

2-  Tripp Lite 600W and 120V Power Conditioner

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Tripp Lite 600W is an incredible offering with 120V of output. It prevents fluctuation and power surges, immediately regulating the power. Also, it eliminates the sparks and irregularity in supply.

Lite 600W comes with 6 outlets for connection, allowing to connect 6 sensitive devices at once. Moreover, it reduces the unnecessary sounds that disturb the appliance or damage machinery. The best thing about Tipp Lite 600W is its budget-friendly offering. The device is easily available at Amazon. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty card.

  • Automatic AVR control
  • 6 outlets
  • EMI protection
  • Low watt load

3-  Tripp Lite LC1200 Line Conditioner 1200W

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Tripp Lite LC1200 is an amazing power line conditioner for a generator with matchless features at affordable pricing. It comes with 1200 surge protection and quick power regulation. The overall output of LC1200 is 120V.

Moreover, it has innovative technology for noise elimination. It can filter EMI or RFI signals and frequency fluctuations. It comes with 4 outlets to operate at once. The device can regulate the surges between 89V to 147V.

  • 1200J surge protection
  • Noise filtration
  • Automatic Voltage regulation
  • Doesn’t clean power

4-  Tripp Lite LCR2400 Line Conditioner 24400W

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Tripp Lite LC 2400 is an expensive conditioner with quality material and innovative functioning. It has an AVR for control and 120V power at the output outlet. The device has a 19-inch enclosure for safe handling.

Moreover, you can get 14 integrated outlets and 2 filter banks. The user can regulate the voltage according to load needs and control the surge up to 147V. However, it is a bit expensive, but material quality and features compensate for pricing.

  • 14 integrated outlets
  • Lead Acid battery
  • 2 filter banks
  • Expensive

5-  Tripp Lite LR604 AVR Conditioner

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Tripp Lite LR604 is an amazing conditioner to provides smooth power to sensitive appliances. It comes with 13 outlets and 14 inlets for integrated load connections.

The automatic voltage regulator makes it easy to switch during fluctuation. Also, it comes with a lighted display, EMI eliminators, and 230V output for a reliable power supply.

  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • 13 outlets
  • Low Amp

Final Verdict

There are many high-quality line conditioners available, so as long as you stick with the ones that receive mostly positive reviews, you ought to be good. One model I recommend is the Tripp Lite LC1800.

It is a well-built, well-designed model constructed of high-quality components. It is also reasonably priced, considering its excellent quality.  If you are searching for a dependable power line conditioner for your computer, home theater, etc., this product is a good option because it was designed with delicate electronics in mind. Its integrated automatic voltage regulation system offers consistent defense against under- and overvoltage’s up to 140V.


Can a line conditioner be used on a generator?

Yes, a power conditioner will help to stabilize a generator’s voltage. It won’t, however, turn some generators’ modified sine waves into pure sine waves, rendering them unfit for use with delicate electronics.

How do you define a power-quality conditioner?

A piece of equipment that can enhance the power quality of a system is referred to as a power conditioner. Although it was occasionally used to refer exclusively to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the term now encompasses a wide range of goods.

How do you install a power conditioner?

All power switches on load equipment should be turned off. Connect the power conditioner to an AC power supply that is the right size. Connect the load-bearing devices to the power conditioner outlets. A grounded power cord with three conductors is required to connect the load equipment to the power conditioner.

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