Paralleling Generators – How Does it Work?

Do you own an average power generator and want to increase the output? Your solution lies in the paralleling. It is a seamless way of joining forces of different machines and resulting in a smooth and powerful electricity supply. It’s a synchronized way of getting matchless energy.

In this article, we will explore paralleling generators and how they work. In the modern world understanding the mechanics of generator functioning is paramount. It enables you to analyze and improve the output. Let’s deep dive into the world of paralleling:

What is Paralleling?

Paralleling or parallel circuits are connections made so that currently get multiple paths to flow. In this way, voltage is divided the same across all ends. The same goes for the case of generators. Two machines join their input to give a surplus output.

Art of Synchronization- How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered about paralleling generators and how it works? Let’s explore the myth behind this. It works by synchronizing two inputs of the same output voltage waveform. Under certain conditions closed transition is used to get desirable load.

All we need is a parallel cable or kit to join the. As a result, we get a sum of output from both sources. While synchronizing, many factors are considered, like size, type, and brand of inputs. Two generators of the same brand and size are used for this process.

Conditions for Generator Paralleling 

Generators demand appropriate conditions for parallel connection. Because they provide enhanced input to run heavy loads. Also, we can connect more than two inputs for the required power output. Strictly follow these conditions for paralleling generators:

  • Use inputs of the same load and starting watt.
  • Use generators of the same size and type.
  • Avoid mixing the equipped or non-equipped inputs.
  • The voltage and frequency waveform of all the generators must be the same
  • Use a quality paralleling kit for safe and controlled functioning.
  • The inputs may have some or different speeds, but the final one must be the same

Benefits of Paralleling Generators

Paralleling multiple sources provides more output at affordable rates. Also, it helps in load management and maintenance. This process is mostly used in emergency settings or to drive heavy machines. The following are some benefits of paralleling generators and how they work:

●    Amplified Power

It is an efficient way of getting higher power because of reduced losses. It saves fuel and maintenance costs and can power heavy appliances. In emergency situations, if the load demands more power, additional input is connected in parallel to meet the requirements.

●    Redundancy

By doing so you can get improved reliability and redundancy. A parallel system provides constant power to critical loads. Improved redundancy helps to eliminate failure. In case of a single generator failure, you can connect to another one.

●    Cost Effective

Machines with higher power are highly expensive. As a result of the power outage, the whole thing experiences damage. But in case of paralleling, if one input dies, you can change it with another one. Also, two average-size generators are more despicable than a single larger one.

●    Expandability and Flexibility

In parallel settings, it’s easy to vary load according to needs. Also, we can connect and disconnect both inputs according to the demand for power. The user didn’t have to pile up costly units and spend much on a larger system.

●    Ease of Control

This setting provides ease of control and maintenance. In case of individual failure, you can replace it or modify the settings. Also, a single control is enough to operate the whole setting.

Factors to Consider Before Paralleling Generators

If you are up for connecting generators in parallel. Consider these factors for proper working and attaining maximum output:

●    Compatibility

Before paralleling assess the characteristics of both inputs. Also, read the operating instructions and capabilities to ensure frequency and voltage match.

●    Phase Angle Matching

For proper synchronization, the phase sequence of one generator must match the other. This helps to prevent any instability.

●    Synchronization Capacity

Synchronizing capacity is another important factor to consider. Check whether they can be connected to prevent any phase mismatch.

●    Frequency Matching

Frequency and voltage should be equal for proper working. Operate both inputs at the same frequency to generate accurate electric waveform aligns.

●      Voltage Compatibility and Control

Measure the voltage magnitudes of both generators. Use a control system for each part. A small imbalance in magnitude results in potential inability.

●    Training and Expertise

Make sure to buy a good brand generator for paralleling. Also, ensure the operators and maintenance staff receive proper training for the particular task. Always consider professionals for future ease and effective management.

●    Fuel Consumption and Cost Analysis

Before setting up calculate the average fuel consumption and analyze the total cost. Search the generator industry and invest in efficient and affordable solutions.

Top 5 Paralleling Kits for Generators

Following are some top suggestions for buying paralleling generator kits:

1-  Champion 50-Amp RV Kit

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Champion 50-Amp is a reliable paralleling kit to connect up to 2800W generators. Its smart setup doesn’t need any technical installation. The overall settings require a clipper connection with lifetime technical support.

Moreover, it has a standard outlet of 50A for output. By connecting two generators using Champion’s 50-Amp RV kit, the user can start and run two RV ACs. If you want to run higher-power generators, you should consider the Champion 5000W kit.

  • 2800 wattage
  • 30-50 amp circuit breaker
  • Free lifetime support
  • Limited warranty

2-  WEN 56421 30-Amp Paralleling Generator Kit

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WEN 30-Amp is a flawless paralleling kit for generators. It provides a smooth power output and redundancy. Also, it comes with cost-effective solutions compared to using bigger generators.

This kit has a total output of 3600W, enough to power fridges and other sensitive generators. The WEN 30-Amp paralleling kit is compatible with the following WEN generators: 56125i, 56200i, 56202i and 56225i.

  • 120V outlet
  • 3600W output
  • 20V battery
  • No technical support

3-  Westinghouse Inverter Generator Parallel Cord

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Westinghouse paralleling cord is another amazing product available at affordable pricing. It comes with extreme 5000W and 120V output. This smart cord is very easy to connect and doesn’t need any tiring installation process. Also, you will get an illuminated setup to analyze the performance.

However, due to heavy output, it may hang a few times. This paralleling kit is compatible with WH2000iXLT, WH2200iXLT, WH2400i, iGen1200, iGen2200, and iGen2500 generators.

  • 5000W output
  • Illuminated plugs
  • No technical installation
  • Hang up

4-  Pulsar PG-iPAIR-B1 Parallel Adapter

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The Pulsar paralleling kit comes with 2 adapter cables and kit. It has amazing 4000W starting wattage and supports 3600W running wattage. Moreover, its simpler manufacturing makes it easy to use with a one-year warranty. You can directly plug it with a 30Amp RV cable.

  • 120V output
  • Affordable
  • 4000W starting wattage
  • No water resistance

5-  Generac 1877 Paralleling Kit

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This incredible paralleling kit from Generac is available at an affordable price with innovative connection features. The user will get a direct connection plug of smart L5 30-Amp and 120V.

Also, it provides a smooth flow and flawless connection with a proper power display. Generac 1877 has a total of 3200 running wattage and 4000 starting wattage. It is compatible with iQ2000 portable inverter generators.

  • 4000 starting wattage
  • Direct connection with outlet
  • L5 30-Amp plugs
  • No support

Final Verdict

Paralleling generator and how it works, is amazing to understand and implement. This article covers paralleling generators, their benefits, and implementation conditions as two resources are always better than one both in terms of cost and maintenance. By synchronizing multiple inputs, you can get a robust power supply solution.

However, it is a complex task. And achieving the desired results is what matters the most. For accurate working, we need a careful lineup and connection. The operators must check the frequency, phase angle, and velocity magnitude to provide secure settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paralleling of generators safe?

Generator paralleling is 100% safe. Only if you follow manual instructions and use a quality connection kit. Don’t use any homemade hack or low-quality wiring for parallel connection.

Can you parallel two generators from the same brand or a different brand?

You can parallel multiple generators of different brands or sizes. But make sure they have the same output voltage and frequency. Also, fulfill the condition discussed above.

What are load-sharing problems in paralleling generators?

Different regulation speeds of both inputs distort the load. Also, the setting of different excitation levels results in unequal load sharing.

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